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Our founders set sail to travel the world; only to fall in love with New Zealand. After planting vines they used the local earth to build their home.  Two decades on, we continue to celebrate the spirit of striking out and breaking boundaries. Wherever you are in the world look out for our distinctive wines and celebrate your taste for adventure. 

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Winemaking 101
Granny's bonnet

Flowering has started in early ripening varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and it’s cousin Pinot Gris.   Sauvignon Blanc will have started by the end of the first week of December in early...
Annual yacht race with Sauvignon Blanc

On Nov 6th, the Mud House Crew (including Winemaker Nadine Worley) hit the high seas on local yacht, Midnight, to race Marlborough's wineries to Wellington with their 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.  Perfect...
Winemaking 101
Marlborough | Central Otago | Waipara Valley

MARLBOROUGH Spring weather was quite variable and there were a few nights in November when frost was of concern. We were fortunate enough not to be affected at our Woolshed Vineyard; however two of...
Cleighten Cornelius & Nadine Worley
Winemaking 101
Treating the grapes, juice and wine with respect

The most important thing in making vibrant Sauvignon Blanc is treating the grapes, juice and wine with respect; thereby protecting the volatile flavours from oxidation and corruption. This is done...