Lobster Adventure


Dedicated to the adventure

Our Philosohpy


Our Mud House wines from the South Island are created and crafted by adventurers themselves for those seeking adventure in their everyday.  Our aim is that no matter where you are in the world, when you open a bottle of Mud House, you’ll sense the taste of adventure.

The philosophy of our winemaking is to craft wines that are reflective of the soils in which they grow. Our locations are selected with care and foresight, and we aim to interfere as little as possible once the grapes arrive in the hands of the winemakers. Each vintage, we create a portfolio of pure, expressive, balanced, vibrant and honest wines.

Our focus on the earth is reflected in our name, and our commitment to nurturing our vineyards means our grapes reach optimum ripeness, varietal character and flavour. We are celebrating fruit expression and fresh linear acidity.

Meet our Senior Winemaker

Cleighten Cornelius

Cleighten completed his Bachelor in Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University and set off to the northern hemisphere to work vintages in France (Chambolle-Musigny), Germany (Rheingau) and Cyprus.

Returning to his hometown of Marlborough, with world-class experience under his belt, Cleighten joined the Mud House team in 2012.  After a decade of winemaking, Cleighten’s core focus remains unchanged, “to make the best wine possible!” He believes learning is the key, both experimentally and from others. Having a job where you only get one chance a year to perfect your art means that winemaking remains challenging and a continually evolving process.

Cleighten’s spirit of adventure is built around fishing, diving, exploring the outdoors, playing the guitar, cricket and watching sport.

Meet our Winemaker

Krystal Palmer

After four years tripping around the globe, Krystal returned home to Marlborough and graduated with her Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln in 2012. Krystal has experience across many facets of winemaking, including assistant viticulturist and winemaker, and has done vintages in Marlborough, Waipara, United States and China.

Red wine is Krystal’s passion, particularly a juicy pinot noir. “When I make Pinot Noir, it is in a hands-off fashion. With minimal intervention, the purity and elegance of Pinot Noir really shines through.  I love the art, science and creativity of winemaking. It is fluid, never stagnant – there are so many challenges and different branches to winemaking. I love that.”

Most days, Krystal is in a ballet studio, sailing, paddle boarding, surfing, or singing in theatre productions.


  • Nev Gane

    Nev joined Mud House when the Woolshed vineyard was first developed in 2003. "I'm 5th generation farming in Marlborough. The land, the people and the lifestyle are second to none here. I wouldn't swap it for anywhere else in the world. I've got all I need right here on my doorstep."
  • Jean-Luc Dufour

    Swiss born Jean-Luc has a family history of four generations of grape growing in Europe. He’s been a viticulturist for more than 20 years, 16 of them at the Home Block and the Mound Vineyards in the Waipara Valley.
  • Tom Bullen

    Tom works as the Vineyard Manager at Claim 431 in Central Otago. "Vintage is the most rewarding time of year, where you see all your hard work and efforts that were put in over the season, pay off."
  • Tracy Taylor

    You look at Tracy Taylor and she beams energy and enthusiasm. Tracy is responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with Accolade’s contract growers, supporting them to grow quality grapes in a sustainable manner, ensuring exceptional fruit is always produced.