Taste the Adventure

Mud House Chile

Exclusive to the EU and UK

Extending our taste of adventure to Chile

Embracing the taste of adventure, intrepid spirit and building on the Mud House essence of exploration, Mud House ventured to the heart of Chile’s Central Valley seeking the optimum vineyards to craft expressive and beautifully refreshing, crisp wines.

Mud House’s latest Chilean release of a Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé builds on the essence of our adventurous spirit and is a perfect extension to the original Mud House New Zealand exploration. From the breathtaking snow-capped peaks, to its magnificent volcanoes and cool waters of the Pacific Ocean, the beauty of Chile and its spirit of adventure continues to be celebrated in every bottle of these new Mud House Chilean collection.

  • Chilean Bellflower

    The captive labels feature Chile’s national bellflower in the same spirit as our traditional Mud House New Zealand design with the native nikau palm.

  • Central Valley

    The wines of Central Valley, Chile, are crafted to highlight the region from which the wines come.

  • 2021 Vintage

    Both wines are from the 2021 vintage which delivered grapes with notable freshness and vibrancy.