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Winemaking 101
Growing grapes at the Woolshed

At the Woolshed Vineyard in Marlborough, it is the very beginning of flowering season. Right now these mini bunches are in the ‘floret’ stage. The viticulturists are hoping for hot and dry weather...
Winemaking 101
Wrapping up harvest and into vintage

Solid preparation produces fruit with finesse When you’re working directly with the land and Mother Nature throws a curve ball, it’s always hugely gratifying when the end result is still something to...
Winemaking 101
Lime spreading

This is the time of the year at The Woolshed Vineyard in Marlborough when we apply fertilisers, because it’s always important to replace the nutrients in the soil that were taken out during harvest....
Mud House Harvest Report
Winemaking 101
Hanging with the grapes

Hanging with the grapes “I love the drama and the energy, plus the immense satisfaction when the grapes look phenomenal,” said Lou Nisbet, who has been in the thick of it as a vineyard worker at the...
Behind the scenes Mud House winery
Winemaking 101
Behind the scenes at the winery

Here's a selection of photos from Vintage 2016... Keep on eye out for more to come.... Racking wine, ‘flotation’ style, (racking from the bottom valve, as the lees are at the top of the tank.) Dry...
Netting Pinot Noir at Mud House Claim 431 Vineyard
Winemaking 101
Tom gives us the word on netting

"Veraison started on our Bendigo Vineyard, Claim 431, in the first week of February. This means only one thing for the Vineyard's netting time!  It’s a race to the finish line between team...
Winemaking 101
Tracy Taylor sheds light on colour changes

Veraison is the stage when grapes on bunches begin to soften and sugars start to accumulate in the grape berries.  Up till now the grapes have been building the seed inside the grape.  At veraison...
Marlborough Pinot Noir Dambuster Woolshed Vineyard
Winemaking 101
Tracy Taylor visits the Woolshed

Summer has well and truly started. Temperatures are consistently in the high 20s, the nor-westerly wind is making a regular appearance and the grapevines continue their growing journey towards...