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Vinification - Sauvignon Blanc
Treating the grapes, juice and wine with respect

Cleighten Cornelius & Nadine Worley

The most important thing in making vibrant Sauvignon Blanc is treating the grapes, juice and wine with respect; thereby protecting the volatile flavours from oxidation and corruption. This is done each step of the way starting with harvesting in the small hours to ensure the grapes are cold when they reach the winery.  Each vineyard batch is kept separate and gently pressed and cold settled.  The juice is then racked and inoculated with selected years. A cool, closely monitored fermentation follows and once the wine has reached perfect balance it's chilled and racked off yeast lees. The wines are then allowed to relax in tank before blending, fining and filtering.

Harvesting in the early hours at the Woolshed vineyard