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New Sub Region Series

It is all about focusing the lens on the nooks and crannies of Marlborough’s sub regions, soils and climates for the brand new wine range from Mud House. The Sub Region Series builds on 20 years of Mud House and reflects the unique expression from the patch the fruit comes from, which gives energy and verve to the new range.

Mud House winemaker Cleighten Cornelius said each of the selected locations produce wines of distinctive characters which have provided the backbone to the Mud House winemaking programme. “Marlborough has been carved, washed and blown by Mother Nature into a landscape of diverse and unique sub regions, creating characteristics which we have honed in on with this range,” he said.

The new range consists of the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc from Rapaura, the 2016 Pinot Gris from Grovetown, the 2016 Pinot Rosé from Burleigh, the 2015 Chardonnay from Omaka and 2015 Pinot Noir from The Narrows. 

At Rapaura, the bony braided river soils meet the more alluvial and younger silts to create a Sauvignon Blanc with an overt lift and pungency, and crunchy phenolic textures. Closer to the coast, the warmer finer and fertile soils of Grovetown create a Pinot Gris with lovely depth and texture, while retaining bright fruit aromatics. The clay and silt soils of the Burleigh form a Pinot Noir fragrant and light; a perfect base for a Rosé bursting with strawberry and wild flowers.

The clay components of the Omaka sub region provide the Chardonnay with a delicate depth of flavour of white nectarine stone fruit notes. This is combined with careful work in the cellar to create creamy textures from some malolactic fermentation and touches of introduced fine oak spice. This is a wine of delicate balance and poise.

The coolness of the Upper Wairau Valley with a mix of riverstone and clay based soils has delivered fruit to endorse a Narrows Pinot Noir boasting fragrant blueberry and red cherries, providing elegant tannins and focused acidity. The long ripening period is due to the cool air that is provided by the flow of the nearby Wairau River.

“The 2015 vintage was fantastic for Pinot Noir; a warm growing season with cool nights gave us fruit at our desired sugar level and also tannin ripeness. With the berries in this great balance, winemaking can become fully respectful of the fruit and allow the wine to speak for itself without much intervention. For example, light plunging and low impact oak allows for the fragrant blueberry and red cherries, and puts the elegant tannins and focused acidity in the spotlight,” said Cleighten.

An iconic and firm favourite for Kiwi wine lovers, Mud House offers two other ranges in the family; the Mud House Range and Mud House Single Vineyard.  Both of these ranges feature varietals from the three South Island premier winegrowing regions; Marlborough, Central Otago and the Waipara Valley..

The wine is currently only available in New Zealand.

Read media reviews here Viva and Joelle Thomson.  Photos from our launch are on Instagram.

The map below indicates the locations of the sub regions.