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Highest acclaim of Pinot Noir Master awarded to Claim 431

With a 13 strong judging panel including ten Masters of Wine and one Master Sommelier, the 2012 Mud House Estate Claim 431 Central Otago Pinot Noir was judged the only Master at this year's Drinks Business International Pinot Noir Masters. Mark Savage MW commented "For all the evidence that excellent Pinot Noir can come from very different corners of the world, he linked this picking decision closely to the importance of finding the right spot to plant such a sensitive variety. “You need to be confident that the vineyard site will allow for marginal ripening with maturity in the fruit that will render unnecessary any correction by either chaptalisation or acidification,” insisted Savage, adding: “The vast majority of vineyard locations in the world will not be suitable.”

The line up of 350 Pinot Noirs from 16 countries.entries were arranged by price point, rather than origin.  The Single Vineyard Mud House Pinot Noir sat in the £20 - £30 price range. Click here for more information on the competition.